The Grail Message

Between 1923 and 1937, Abd-ru-shin wrote 168 essays and lectures, which he assembled to form the book In The Light of Truth: The Grail Message. Since then, the Grail Message has been translated into 19 languages and is available in over 90 countries worldwide.

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AMONG ALL BOOKS of spiritual content, this work occupies a truly unique place. It can be said that The Grail Message gives an explanation of the World, for it offers a complete survey of everything that exists between God and us human beings. It is the authors declared intention with his work to lead seekers again closer to life, indeed, back to God.

Therefore the Grail Message always addresses itself to the individual alone, irrespective of nationality, race, or religion. For the individual alone must bear the responsibility for everything he thinks and does, just as every man "shall reap what he has sown".

Out of love, the Grail Message helps the earnest reader to gain personal conviction about his own life's path and purpose, so that peace and happiness may be his. The more the reader uses life itself as his criterion for testing the explanations given in the Grail Message, the more the Truth shines forth from it.


"I wish to fill the gaps which have so far always remained unanswered in the souls of men as burning questions, and which never leave any serious thinker in peace, if he honestly seeks the Truth."

"In order to convey to mankind such knowledge, which gives them a clear and intelligible conviction of the working of God in His Justice and Love, I have written the work In the Light of Truth."

Grail Message Foundation

The Grail Message Foundation Australia is a registered not-for-profit, charitable organisation, instituted to spread the Knowledge of the Grail Message 'In the Light of Truth' written by Abd-ru-shin. This is done in the hope that people come to understand why they are here on Earth and what their life's purpose is.

Beginning in the late 1920's, individuals began to gather together who wished to live their lives according to the principles put forth in the Grail Message. Such activity continues to this day, as devoted readers meet to deepen their understanding of the Grail Message, raise public awareness about the book, and to hold Hours of Worship and Festivals. Non-profit publishing companies have also arisen in countries across the globe, as "In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message" continues to be translated additional languages.

The Grail Movement

Today, the Grail Movement of Australia, supporting the work of the Grail Message Foundation, is a collective term for efforts to spread the knowledge of the Grail Message and to realize it in all walks of life. This includes supporting online and general information dissemination, public events, the availability, distribution and sales of publications, as well as interaction with interested parties and people who wish to gain further insights. The Grail Movement is a registered non-profit organization, however also simply an informal association of adherents of the Grail Message in Australia and around the world. (Charitable Status Information)

It should be noted that Abd-ru-shin himself neither formed nor formally supported any religious or spiritualist organization, and the Grail Message always and only encourages the reader to cultivate his or her own personal convictions and individual nature. In the words of the author:

"The following Word does not bring a new religion, but is intended as the torch to help all serious listeners or readers find the right path, which leads them to the longed-for height."

"I do not speak to churches and political parties, to fraternities, sects and societies, but only in all simplicity to man himself."

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