Why We Life After Death?

A Natural Step In Our Existence

Death! What a difficult reality for many to face! But it is inevi-table, whether we accept it or not. No one can run away from it. There are many different attitudes towards death. For some, death is a natural phenomenon where only life on earth ends but exis- tence does not; they face it without fear and with serenity. Others see death as a release, an event that will put an end to their life filled with suffering. However, in many cases, we find people who refuse to face this reality, either because they believe that death ends all conscious life, or because they do not really know what life is like in the beyond and are afraid of the unknown. But there can also be a fear because we intuitively feel that there might be debts to pay for the kind of life that we lived while on earth.

Knowledge of what happens at the moment of death and after- wards would certainly help us face this event with more serenity. Even if the beyond holds hidden dangers for those who die with impure souls, the fact that we knew what would happen, could help us to avoid danger and feel reassured no matter what the dangers may be. An illustration may help make this clearer. If I walk on dangerous grounds, for example, where I risk falling, but I know exactly where the danger spots are and know how to avoid them, I then feel more secure no matter what dangers might exist. However, I would feel insecure, if I knew that there were dangers without knowing exactly where they were.

It is the same in the beyond! It avails us nothing to be reassured by gentle and kind words about the beyond, when these words do not correspond with reality. These words can bring temporary relief but sooner or later, the same questions and fears arise once again. It is always best to face reality even though it may be difficult at first.

We must know the truth and also the laws that govern us in order to better adjust ourselves to these laws. In the end, after confronting the truth, we will feel confident and more secure. In this way we learn what to avoid and find only joy in doing so.

(Booklets for Reflection - Grail Movement Australia )
( Life After Death )

What happens Upon Passing Over...
The process of dying in itself is nothing but birth into the Ethereal World (the Beyond), similar to the process of birth into the Gross Material World. After the separation the ethereal body (the soul) remains attached to the physical body for a time as if with a navel cord. The higher the soul now born into the Ethereal World has already developed itself towards this Ethereal World during its life on earth, the looser this cord will become.

The more a man’s volition has chained him to this earth, i.e., to gross matter, indicating thereby a refusal to acknowledge any continuation of life in the Ethereal World, the more firmly will this volition bind him with this cord to his physical body and consequently also bind the ethereal body, which he needs as a garment for his spirit in the Ethereal World.

(Grail Message ~ Volume 2 ~ Lecture 30 )
( Death )

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Read In The Grail Message Here

The Meaning Of Life?

The Meaning And Purpose Of Life!
IT IS THE SACRED DUTY of the human spirit to investigate why it is living on earth, or in general in this Creation, in which it is suspended as if by a thousand threads. No man considers himself so insignificant as to imagine that his existence is without purpose, unless he makes it purposeless. In any case he deems himself too important. And yet there are only a few men on earth capable of laboriously detaching themselves from their spiritual indolence, so far as seriously to concern themselves with the investigation of their task on earth.

(Grail Message ~ Volume 2 - Lecture 34 )
(The Language Of The Lord)

Why Are We Here?
Learn to recognise your path in Creation, and you will also know the purpose of your existence. Then you will be filled with grateful rejoicing, and the greatest happiness a human spirit is able to bear, which lies solely in the recognition of God!
The supreme bliss of the true recognition of God, however, can never grow out of an acquired blind faith, much less come to flower; but convinced knowledge, knowing conviction, alone gives to the spirit what is necessary for this.

(Grail Message ~ Volume 2 ~ Lecture 34 )
(The Language Of The Lord)

The Purpose Of This Life?
You earthmen are in this Creation to find supreme happiness! In the Living Language which God speaks to you! And to understand this Language, to learn it, and to sense inwardly the Will of God in it, that is your goal during your journey through Creation. In Creation itself, to which you belong, lies the explanation of the purpose of your existence, and at the same time also the recognition of your goal! In no other way can you find either.
This demands of you that you live Creation. But you are only able to live or experience it when you really know it.

(Grail Message ~ Volume 2 - Lecture 34 )
(The Language Of The Lord)

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Read In The Grail Message Here